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The Inherent Method®

A short introduction about me and my work:
I am so pleased to have the opportunity to be here with Dr. Karl-Heinz Bomberg to talk about the Inherent Method®. I will use the example of traumatised Turkish and Kurdish women.
The Inherent Method® helps to detect and understand differing dependencies in unknown domains, including the profound interactions and links between the psyche (Spirit/Soul), the body and the voice. It’s very common for external events to have a permanent influence on the psyche, body and voice. These events cause neurons in the brain to respond in a variety of ways, which impact on body language, the voice and other neurological processes.
What is special about this method is the way of looking at which characteristics are changeable and which are truly unchangeable, especially concerning the great association in humans between the concepts of ‘I’ and ‘WE’. Through all kinds of exercises, clients receive many new perspectives and possibilities to find their own way out of a crisis.

Take for example the voice. It is one of our most important means of self-expression, on which our sense of wellbeing depends, and on which external events will always have an immediate affect. The trinity of mental state, body language and vocal expression are interdependent.
The Inherent Method® uses these influences, and moves from outside to inside and inside to outside, quickly and safely, through the relational grid to the big picture, to find relief and a solution.

Holistic approach for treating trauma
Human experience, no matter what kind, no matter what level of possibility, can become stored in the body. This trauma manifests itself and is experienced physically. In the course of time, many physical symptoms can be regulated through conditioning and awareness. Therefore, it is possible to also find ways to work therapeutically with the body. A Turkish proverb describes this in the following way: "I feel as if my navel has fallen off".
The mental state which accompanies a trauma is important in relation to the body. The client learns the wordless language of the body to understand and find a way out of the spiritual abyss and mental torpor. The client learns how to come back to life. The exercises become a journey between spirituality and the trauma that was experienced. Past experiences are re-structured. The Inherent Method® has the task of finding the openings through which the client can find access to himself.

In the event of a trauma, depending on the severity, an imbalance of systemic thought processes can be found, which impact negatively. Specific regions of the brain ‘get caught up’ in themselves. The corresponding regions of the body are concurrently blocked or damaged permanently.

The Inherent Method® allows us to understand causal relationships and link up the positive elements, like a network of personal possibility. Our brain is a neural network, that can somehow be re-programmed with different stimuli. However, if memories are clumped together, our emotions overrun our reason, the speech centre is deactivated, and a linguistic firewall appears.

Releasing the forgotten memories relieves the mind of an oppressive burden. Vital energy is freed from paralyzing and shameful memories. Old feelings of powerlessness can also be replaced by a masterful confidence in one’s own competencies. New links in the brain are created through special exercises. However, it can only go so far, depending on the extent of the trauma – of course.

The Inherent Method® reveals through various exercises, how we can confront these ‘hang-ups’, step by step. The client’s state of mind, traumatisation that hasn’t been acknowledged, and memories of the trauma which have been obliterated, are all relevant. First and foremost, the ‘centre’ needs to be found again.

A small extract from my work with traumatised Kurdish and Turkish patients, suffering from chronic pain
To begin with the normal group exercises that I like to do would have been impossible in this context. The easiest way to begin is when each client says her name and where she comes from. Through the body language, tone of voice, expression and gesture, I can choose the best partner for each participant. Their voices are soft and inarticulate, the body baggy and clenched.

Everyone had a different type of pain. One woman said she was ‘haemorrhaging inside. It feels a corset and hurts the lower part of my body. No doctor can fix it.’

She had very limp wrists. In one small exercise, we greeted each other by shaking hands and saying a few words. Almost all the women had great difficulty in feeling themselves. All of them had to become aware of their own bodies. It is extremely important for a traumatised person to experience their own body. In addition to this, the women had never learnt to take themselves seriously. That was a further problem and didn’t make the work any easier. I had to start right at the beginning. 
After they learnt some different exercises, which allowed the spirit to immediately influence the body and the body to influence the spirit, soon after the voice followed. The voice is dependent on our posture and everything we are feeling. That was all new for them.
Credible new insights are an important component in being able to carry on in life.  The Turkish women could suddenly talk about so many different things, which previously would have been impossible. The body language also changed for the better.
Many of them suddenly had no more pain in their backs or shoulders.

They wanted, after they started to feel better again, to never go back to the memories that had been exposed, and to finally be able to take control of their own lives.

Unconscious feelings were regulated and replaced with individual competence.
The goal is for traumatisation to not rule a person’s life. A new understanding, inner revelation and outward coherence and dependencies dealt with, would be a way to go back to a place where a better quality of life can be achieved. Fears would be transformed into energy, there would be new trust in the self, and the best possible level in life and in the self as a person would be reached.

In the end, I want to show you a little exercise, which will make clear how unseen things hang together in an extraordinary way:
We sit upright.
We stretch our fingers out in front.
We let our lower jaw hang loose, so that the mouth is slightly open.
 We clench our hand into a fist and the mouth closes up immediately.

However, when we hold on to negativ mental images, our bodies don´t react appropriately.
That is all. Thank you